Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Terms of Service Agreement:

Hello from all of us at Ultra Vets and Vets to Go! We hope you enjoy your experience using (http://www.ultravets.com, and http://www.vetstogo.com.au). Please read the following document carefully and be aware that the operative provisions of our Terms of service are legally binding and apply. It is important that you fully understand and agree to our complete Terms of service.

This document governs your association with us and founds legally binding relations prevailing your use of our website and the services we make available across our platform. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us via email on info@ultravets.com.

By accessing the Ultra Vets and Vets to Go (Ultravets) websites, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to this agreement and our Privacy Policy (click here for our privacy policy). We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to revise and modify this agreement and will post any changes to our Terms and Conditions here (Terms and Conditions). If for any reason you do not agree to a modified agreement your single solution is not to accept by terminating your use of our service.

Customer complaints:

Our goal is to be continually and reliably known as a trusted, high quality veterinary service. In the unlikely event of a customer complaint, it will be taken incredibly seriously, and we assure you rapid action will be taken to remedy the situation. Following this a thorough investigation will follow to ensure we are constantly improving to care for you and your animals. Please let us help now by email us info@ultravets.com.


We are a mobile veterinary service for pets and livestock, and we are committed to providing the best possible service within your home. Consultations are usually carried out at your premises. We are not a veterinary hospital and do not have the necessary facilities to give your pet a general or spinal anaesthetic (major surgery) or to treat pets that need hospitalization. If you are satisfied with the restrictions, we would be delighted to help you with our services. In the event an animal requires a general anaesthetic, spinal anaesthetic, or hospitalization our Ultra Vets veterinarians can refer your animal to a veterinary hospital at your request.

Service requests:

Please note at any time, your account can be terminated by us for any reason. We can only accept instructions from people older than eighteen (18) years of age.

Handover to Ultra Vets

If you complete the appointment request form on our website (or through a third party on our website), or request an appointment by telephone, you are requesting to change services from your previous veterinarian to Ultra Vets services. This comprises all routine veterinary procedures including the delivery of all preventive and prescription veterinary medicines.


We reserve the right to initially examine or re-examine the animal under certain circumstances before prescribing any medication.

Insurance Claims

To submit a pet insurance claim from your pet insurance provider, it is your responsibility to submit the claim forms to us for completion. Customers agree to pay any surpluses and costs that are not covered by the insurer on the day of service and are legally bound to pay for any costs if the insurance application is rejected on the date of notice from the insurer.

Case history and records

We have administrative property rights to our case reports and histories, including pathological and histological results and similar documents. Although we charge the client to for us and third parties to create them, they do not own our case reports and histories. Copies may be forwarded to another veterinarian at our discretion.


Users who access the information provided on our website do so at their own risk and are free of any warranty, guarantee or usability. We have tried to integrate correct information and context on our website, but we are not responsible for errors or inaccurate information on our platform.

Payments and bookings for service:

This policy describes the requirements for determining payment terms with the company's customers and monitoring these terms and conditions. This policy applies to all sales within Australia, with the exception of sales to federal and state governments. VAI can communicate with you regarding your credit status, and company personnel are also given permission in instructing customers on their payment obligations. Requests for any account details changes must be made in writing by the account holder via email at info@utravets.com.

Initial service requests and bookings can be made on our website, by phone or email. Bookings require giving us a minimum of 12-24 hours’ notice. A VAI representative will then contact you within 24 hours to confirm the booking or service request. If we cannot confirm the availability of your appointment time, we will call you within 24 hours of your initial booking request to reschedule your appointment to our next available time window.

Ultra Vets has a strict no credit policy. We do not provide any payment credit plan. We expect you to pay in full for all veterinary services on the date of a booking or service request. By agreeing to an appointment, you confirm you will pay in full for the veterinary house call or service on the date of service.

By agreeing to the appointment date and time, you understand Ultra Vets aims to give a transparent pricing policy whenever practicable, however, a complete and accurate cost estimate can only be made after your pet has undergone a complete physical examination and home visit consultation.

Our Price List should only be used as a rough pricing estimate, as variations and complications may occur which will result in additional costs after your pet has undergone a complete physical examination and home visit consultation.

You will be informed if additions are expected to occur to the initial price estimate, during the house visit consultation. You will have complete freedom to refuse these additional services and therefore will not have to pay for them at your own personal discretion. It is therefore expected that if you do agree to any service that you will pay in full for it on the day of service.

Payment will only be accepted by Ultra Vets though Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos, AMEX, and cash. Cheques will not be accepted. In the event that clients wish to pay with cash on the day of service estimations will be given prior to the arrival of the veterinarian to your home. If insufficient cash is provided to pay the invoice you will be expected to provide a credit or debit card which will be charged with the remaining fees on the same day of service.

Our standard fee for a veterinary house call is based on a 20-minute consultation focused on one individual animal; if the consultation lasts longer than 20 minutes, an “additional pet check” fee will occur. If you personally or through your representative give instructions for an animal to be treated, you are responsible for our expenses.

We may, at our sole discretion, terminate the right to a refund, and provide the provision of credit. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment.

Rescheduling or Cancelling bookings:

Any cancellation of a booking outside 24hrs of the appointment time can be made with no cancellation fees being made. Ultra Vets reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $98.50 if you cancel your booking within 24hrs of the appointment time, appropriate to the prospective loss of revenue for that booking time and travel costs. A $98.50 cancellation fee will also be applied if phone contact is not established 30 minutes prior to your appointment, or if you are not contactable when the veterinarian is at your provided address for the house visit at the arranged house visit time.

Service Integration

Ultra Vets is proud to integrate various third-party services into our platform, such as instant messaging services, payment services, and planning assistants. By using these third-party providers, you agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies and acknowledge we don’t have any oversight over their policies.


Veterinary Artificial Intelligence Pty ltd or its owners, volunteers, directors, employees, officers, independent contractors, representatives, trainers, agents, successors, and assigns shall not be liable for any loss, or damage of any property belonging to you, on or off your premises by you or your guests. You are responsible for all risks involved in using our services.

Veterinary Artificial Intelligence Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any death, injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person or animal, participating in or watching activities on your premises, caused in any manner whatsoever, including, but no limited to, the negligence of Veterinary Artificial Intelligence Pty Ltd.

This agreement and any rights, duties and obligations as between the parties to this agreement shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia and no other jurisdiction.

Any litigation involving the parties to this agreement shall be brought solely within New South Wales and shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.

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We hope you enjoy your experience using (http://www.ultravets.com) and (http://vetstogo.com.au).

Effective: 14th June 2018