Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Glossary of terms:


We regard personal information as extremely confidential. Access to and use of this information is permitted only to authorized personnel.

Authorized personnel refer towards:


We may collect the following types of personal information:

Length of time personal information is kept:

Use of Information:

Information is collected to help you use our website and services and to improve our business and user experience.

Collected information will be used for:

Storage of information:

Your information will be held in either electronic or hard copy form. We protect personal data against loss or theft and against unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, and use or modification by means of appropriate security measures, however, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal data.

Digital and electronic material

During the provision of the service we may take photos and make sound or other media recordings in which you may appear within marketing and promotional material. It is within our sole discretion to copy, modify, or reproduce such material. This will not be used in a manner that we may consider detrimental or libellous to you.

This material includes:

Your personal data, including your name, will not be used in the material shown without your express permission. We reserve the right to utilize this material without acknowledgment to you and without any right to compensate or reimburse you presently or in future. You will have no further rights in the material, including moral rights and copyright.

We are devoted to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of personal information and we hope you enjoy your experience using (, and

Effective: 14th June 2018