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Ultra Vets is Sydney's premier veterinary in-home veterinary service.
Helping beloved pets and their families in the moments that matter most.

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Face to face in-home veterinary consultations | Fully operational during the pandemic

Veterinary Assessments

In-home wellness exams and quality of life assessments for all ages. Sick pets, vaccinations, arthritis injections. Blood and urine tests.

Cat Euthanasia

We guarantee the euthanasia process will be peaceful from start to finish. We provide additional medications to ensure a calm, pain free euthanasia.

Pet Cremations

The utmost care and respect is ensured, with ashes delivered by hand within 72hrs. We guarantee individual cremation for all pets.

Palliative care

Long term plans to manage quality of life at any stage of illness. We provide veterinary prescription medications to ensure the final stages of your pet's life are comfortable.

Dog Euthanasia

Be by your best friend's side when it matters most. Our expert vet gives your dog pain relief and calming medications before we put them to sleep.

Hospice care

Emotional and spiritual care at the end of your pet's life, along with help for loved ones. Put your pet to sleep with genuine support and compassion.

Dr. Jamie Robey

B.V.Sc, B.Sc(hons), B.An.Sc, B.An.Vet.Bio.Sc.

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The CBD, Inner West, Southern, Northern, Eastern suburbs, and more.