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At Ultra Vets, we are a team of passionate animal lovers committed to providing the highest quality care and tailored solutions for your pet's unique needs. In 2020, we merged with "Vets To Go," the leading provider of mobile veterinary services in Southern Sydney, allowing us to expand our services and access to comprehensive medical records. We take great pride in supporting beloved pets and their families in the moments that matter most.

Dr. Jamie Robey

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc, B.Sc(hons), B.An.Sc, B.An.Vet.Bio.Sc.)

Meet Dr. Jamie, a distinguished veterinarian at the forefront of our top-tier veterinary network. With advanced university degrees and extensive experience, Dr. Jamie is renowned for delivering exceptional care to pets across multiple state-of-the-art veterinary clinics. Partnered with leading veterinary practices, Dr. Jamie ensures that pets receive the highest standard of medical attention in comfortable and advanced settings. His commitment to compassionate care extends beyond clinic walls, advocating for in-home veterinary services to prioritise pet comfort and well-being. Dr. Jamie's expertise has been recognised in various avenues, including a pilot documentary showcasing his dedication to veterinary medicine. Away from his professional endeavors, Dr. Jamie enjoys pursuing interests such as jiu-jitsu, camping, and cherishing moments with his beloved Australian Shepherd, 'Sven.' With Dr. Jamie as your trusted veterinarian, rest assured that your pet will receive personalized and expert care, backed by the collective excellence of our state-of-the-art veterinary network.

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